Electrical Engineering Technology
Mining-Extraction Primary Industries
Transport and Logistics Division
Mechanical Engineering

What we do

We are a responsive supplier of quality products and services in major industries such as Electrical and Mechanical engineering, Mining industries and Transport and Logistics. Aquabridge (Pvt) Ltd supplies quality products and services to numerous aspects of Zimbabwean Industry. We have access to household names/renowned partners and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in major industrial sectors inclusive of electrical, information technology, mechanical and civil engineering industrial sectors.

Our Product Areas

Electrical Engineering

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Mining Industries

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Mechanical Engineering

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We have major partnership arrangements to supply industrial companies, national accounts and independent customers Zimbabwe - wide. Our organisational structure - managers and technical teams are growth driven and will genuinely consult customers in the delivery of tailored products, services and associated delivery channel logistics.

Our Promise

We are cognisant of context enforced changes to business strategies. We reassure and promise our customers of unwavering commitment to cutting down production costs - we deliver quality supplies at your request and on time.

Our Partners